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PewDiePie's next Minecraft Plan could be his Best Yet

  During Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg's September 13 video the YouTube king thought about his future plans for his series after he responded to mods and new creations from the Minecraft subreddit. [ad name=article1''] PewDiePie reached the end of the vanilla Minecraft after destroying the Ender Dragon and reaching the very bottom of the sandbox title on August 25 and has left many wondering what comes next. Fans were able to see what the future may be for the Swede's wildly popular gaming series when in his latest video, he discussed mods and fan creations which led him to think about some possible ideas. [ad name=article2''] PewDiePie's Minecraft future During the video, YouTube's King presented his viewers with mods created by the famous modder 'McMakistein'. McMakistein created houses that walk on their own and fly across the map. The Swede was left to think about the future of his Minecraft series. Read More: Borderlands 3 spotted Dr Disrespect egg See that a lot of people have been telling me that I should start using mods in Minecraft right away. For instance modded survival is becoming something that you can do to sort of keep it fresh for you. You can do this type of stuff, the YouTube star stated, demonstrating the mod. (Timestamp at 01:49 for mobile viewers. [ad name=article3''] Pewds later discovered that bees were coming to Minecraft in the near future update. He debated over whether to wait or cheat to get them. There are bees in Minecraft! I'm not sure, but can I play the new version? Since I don't believe that you can get them to spawn without cheating. THE BLOG Or should I wait for the actual update? I think I should just be patient. He said. The YouTuber swiftly changed his mind after he saw the data pack that was created by users, which lets people put a saddle on bees and ride them. He exclaimed, Oh my God, okay. I'm getting bees.


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